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The Benefits of Mindfulness

Tension due to general stress is one of the common complaints I hear from clients. It’s no surprise that stress and anxiety impact not only the level of tension in our muscles but our body as a whole. There are many ways to help manage the stress levels in our day to day life, mindful meditation is one that you might not have considered. Here is why you should...

What is mindfulness? Mindfulness and mindful meditation are ways of bringing your awareness to the present moment, without judgement. It is simply being present in the here and now. In today’s fast pace society it seems we are constantly looking forward to what needs to be done, or looking backward and analysing what has already been done. Unfortunately by doing this we can end up missing out on our current experiences.

Although not widely known, mindfulness programs are being utilized in health care settings to successfully help people with a wide range of conditions.

Here are some conditions that mindful meditation has been shown to help:

-High blood pressure and heart disease

-Anxiety and Depression

-Prevention for Depression relapse

-Chronic Medical Conditions such as Diabetes, Arthritis and Irritable Colon

-Chronic Pain syndromes

-Physical symptoms related to stress

It’s also very successful for individuals looking to manage everyday stress levels and adapt a healthier lifestyle.

The most common form of mindful meditation that is used in health care settings is known as mindfulness-based stress reduction (MBSR). If you’re struggling with stress related conditions or chronic pain you may be covered by OHIP to participate in the MBSR program. Talk to your doctor for more information. For further details on this program please click here. (where the program was developed).

Here are a few things you might not know about mindful meditation:

-It is not a religion

-It is used by people of many cultures and backgrounds

-At first it is common to feel like you’re doing it wrong

-You can practice mindful meditation anywhere

-You don’t have to sit crossed legged, you can be in any position that is comfortable for you

-A wandering mind is not uncommon, especially at first

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