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Feeling Tired?

In today’s society it seems more common than not to be low on energy and tired. Here are some everyday solutions to help you fight fatigue.

As mentioned in my previous blog, drinking water is very important to maintaining energy levels. Drinking one or two caffeinated drinks (coffee or tea) a day can boost mental alertness; however, too much caffeine can lead to anxiety and irritability.

Eat a healthy diet. Your body needs the proper amount of fuel in order to function efficiently. It is also best to avoid eating large meals. Eating large portions requires a lot of your body’s energy to flow to digestion. Try eating moderately sized meals with high fiber snacks in between. This gets your metabolism running but does not over load your digestive system.

Exercise for 30 minutes most days. Physical activity will increase your body’s metabolism, circulation and endorphins (happy chemicals). This in turn provides you with more energy.

It might be challenging, but try getting 7-8 hours of sleep a night. Sleep gives your body a chance to rest and recover. If you find stress is preventing you from getting a restful sleep, try some activities that relieve stress, such as; yoga, meditation, or breathing exercises. Even reading a book before bed instead of watching TV can make a difference.

Tidy up! A messy house and work station can cause fatigue. It’s a constant reminder of all the tasks you still have to finish. Eliminating a little clutter can help clear your mind and give you more energy to focus on other things.

Some quick tips

-Try spending 30 minutes a day in natural sunlight

-Listen to upbeat music during your daily routine – it can increase you alertness

-Cut into a fresh citrus fruit and inhale! It can liven up your senses and boost your focus

-Laugh :)

The Foundation for a Healthy Body is Water, Sleep, Diet, Exercise and Stress Management

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