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Why Stretching Is Important

Do you know why your massage therapist suggests that you stretch out those sore muscle?

Here are a few reasons why stretching is important:

  • Stretching can have a relaxing effect. After a hard day at work spending 5 or 10 minutes stretching out those tight neck and back muscle will likely leave you feeling calmer, looser and less stressed. Give it a try and see for yourself!

  • Stretching elongates the muscle fibers. This will increase your flexibly and allow you to get the full range of motion of your joints.

  • Shortened muscle are more susceptible to tearing and injuries. By stretching and lengthening your muscles you are reducing the risk of getting hurt.

  • Stretching will encourage recovery following a workout. Exercise, or any kind of physical activity, causes toxins to build up in the muscles. Stretching after being active moves the toxins into the blood stream and you will be less likely to feel achy and sore.

Tips for Stretching:

  • Hold a stretch for a least 30 seconds

  • Be sure to stretch both sides evenly

  • Be smooth with your movements and hold still during the stretch, (NO BOUNCING! It can cause injuries)

  • It’s always better to stretch a warm muscle. You can do neck or shoulder rolls and torso twists etc to warm the muscles up before stretching.

  • Always stretch after physical activity

  • Stretching should NOT be painful. Aim to feel a good pull of tension, but no pain. If it becomes painful back off a bit.

  • Make stretching a part of your regular routine. You will see the greatest benefits if you incorporate it into your daily activities.

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