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The Benefits of Water

So, you know you're supposed to drink 8 glasses of water a day. Do you know why? Or what the consequences are if you don't?

Water has many functions within our body's system. It helps us maintain our body's temperature, digest our food and even cushion our joints, just to name a few. The fact that our bodies are made of 2/3rds water is an indication of how important it is in the function of our system. A lack of water can result in a decrease in both our physical and emotional health.

A lack of water in your blood will reduce your body's ability to remove toxins as well as reduces the absorption of nutrients into your system. This means that your cells aren't getting rid of as much waste and aren't getting as much fuel. Your body will generate less energy which will cause a decrease in concentration, and increase in stress and anxiety levels. You muscles will build up toxins and waste which results in achiness and even cramping. Here are a few more facts about the importance of water.

Did you know?

...thirst is commonly mistaken for hunger?

...consuming juices or other drinks as a replacement for water can increase calorie (sugar) intake?

The Foundation for a Healthy Body is Water, Sleep, Diet, Exercise and Stress Management

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